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Manufactured from ripstop nylon with a showerproof urethane backing the English saddle pack has foam-padded bottom panel linings with a durable soft short pile fleece to protect both saddle and horse from the weight of the pack's contents.

Designed to fit any English or Endurance saddle. The pack features.

* Five large compartments to store essemtial riding equipment
* Two insulated water bottle holders complete with ½ ltr water bottles, one each side.
* Specially designed cantle sleeve that fits over the saddle to keep the pack clear of the horses's back.
* Nylon straps with reinforced tab end for tying down a coat or securing contents.

The bottom of the pack secures to the girth with velco style straps for a no bounce fit.

Available in Brown, Green, Royal, Red, Navy, Purple


Available in two sizes the Performance Equestrian round pencil case style saddle bags are manufactured in black heavy weight, waterproof, breathable, nylon cordura and features:

*  Top mounted zip, allowing ease of access even during riding.
*  Fitted end loops with clips allowing for attachment to either saddle front or rear d rings.
*  Compact design ideal for single or multi day rides.

Available in Black, Red or Royal Blue

Size 1 90 dia x 255 long


Our size 1 pommel mounted saddle bags are manufactured from Heavy Duty breathable Nylon Cordura with clips to attach to front saddle d rings.  

Suitable for carrying a large range of items such as extra water bottle, food, compass etc, the bag has additional anti- bounce tie down loops for attachment to the girth/stirrup leathers.
Colou: Brown

Bag dimensions (per bag)  
200 (h) x 155 (w) x 65 (d)


Designed to fit any Western, English or Endurance style saddles.

Manufactured from ripstop nylon with a showerproof urethane backing the pommel saddle pack has foam-padded bottom panel linings with a durable soft short pile fleece to protect both saddle and horse from the weight of the pack's contents.

The Pack itself features
* Seven large zippered compartments to store riding essentials.
* Insulated   bottle holders with two  ½ Ltr water bottles, one on either side.
* Centre pouch has a pocket to hold a mobile phone, elastic loop straps and a sunglasses compartment.
*Side pouches have a glove/key hook, neoprene lip balm holder, capacity for two additional ½ Litre water bottles (one in each pouch) and additional exterior zipper pouches.
* Nylon adjustable straps with reinforced tabbed ends fit around the girth or billets help anchor pack and secure contents.

The pack comes ready to fit a Western saddle but can be easily adapted to suit an English/Endurance style saddle by simply removing the front nylon pommel straps and using the additional velco straps to connect to the front d rings.

Colours Green, Royal, Red, Navy, Purple, Brown


Designed to fit anywhere on the saddle this Stowaway bag was originally designed to fit the Easy Boot range of hoof boots but is easily adapted to fit everything you would need for a ride. Manufactured from showerproof rip-stop Nylon with a foam padded bottom panel with durable, soft, short-pile fleece to protect both the horse and the saddle from the weight of the pack.

In addition there are 3 zipped easy-access compartments that will hold a replacement boot such as Shoof or Easy Boot or a variety of other riding essentials.

Attachment to the saddle is via a heavy duty swivel, snap clip with ties for additional securing of the pack that can be attached to stirrup or girth straps.

Bag size Width across bag 10" (25cm), height 6¼" (16cm), depth from the horse 4¼" (11cm)

Colours:   Navy, Royal, Purple, Green, Brown. Red,  BLACK UNAVAILABLE AT PRESENT.


Designed to fit on the front of the saddle this combination pack will easily convert to fit a Western, English or Endurance style saddle.  

Attachment to a Western saddle is by straps supplied, these can be removed for attaching to other saddle via Velcro front straps, with the sides of the pack attaching around stirrup leathers or girth straps to prevent bouncing.

The Stowaway Pommel bag features
* 7 Zippered compartments
* Central pouch for essentials such as mobile phone, sunglasses etc.
* 2 x Side pouches with gloves/key hook, lip balm holder and capacity for water bottles in each pouch
* Additional outer zipper compartments on side pouches.
* Nylon adjusting straps with reinforcing to ensure a correct, secure fit.

Manufactured from ripstop nylon with showerproof urethane backing with soft seams and short pile fleece backing on inside face of bag to protect both horse and saddle.

Bag sizes  
Top Bag (approx): 8” (20cm) long x 6” (16cm) wide x 3” (8cm) high
Side Pouches (approx)  9” (23cm) high x 5” (13cm) x 4” (10cm deep)

Available in Black only